Hydraulic Roller Briquetting Press

Hydraulic Roller Briquetting Press - Premur

Hydraulic Roller Briquetting Press

Fine grains of Coal/Coke/Charcoal/Ores and Minerals mixed with suitable binder fed into the nip of a pair of counter rotating rolls and are compacted in mass of uniform shape and size, called briquettes. The separating force during the process is resisted by suitable Hydraulic System equipped with Cylinders, Power-Pack or Hand Pump and Nitrogen Accumulator to absorb momentary shocks.


The equipment is recommended for high pressure briquetting of coal, coke, charcoal, ore and mineral fines with suitable binder. Lime fines with or without binder can also be briquetted.


  • 5TPH to 30TPH based on Chromite ore fines 
  • 2TPH to 10TPH based on coal fines. 
  • Also available for Laboratory application.