Precision, Performance and perfection – the three key words for industrial production. To keep up with today’s fast industrial growth one cannot make any compromise with quality
and specifications
Premur, a dynamic growth-oriented house is conscious of its great task. Born three decades ago, Premur is engaged in manufacturing Compacting – Briquetting. Crushing, Pulverising, Mixing. Screening and Material handling equipment of Refractory, Ceramic, Mineral, and Chemical Processing industries.

Premur, receipients of national award, has always had a bright track record. Instead of being complacent, Premur is constantly endeavouring to ameliorating its own records by adapting the latest technical know-how and .....more>>
Premur Inpex Ltd
10, Burnt Salt Gola Lane,
1st Floor,Howrah - 711101
West Bengal, India
Contact : Mr. B. Chakrabarty
Telefax : 91 -33 -2660 0850
Fax : 91 -33 -2829 0233
E-mail :